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Hotel Televisions
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Here is some work we did for a local hotel.

Great Room Addition
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Here is a job we did with a great room addition, we also added music to three other locations, the kitchen, the deck outside and also the dining room.

The main HDTV is a 50" Panasonic Plasma, with 7.1 Surround Sound featuring JBL in wall and in ceiling speakers.

The addition was designed and installed by Rogstad Construction

TV Room
8 Images

This is a basic setup we did for a couple who wanted a simple TV room with surround sound and music in 2 other areas, the living room/kitchen and a sewing room.

This system features a Panasonic 50" Plasma, JBL Surround Sound Speakers, free standing and in ceiling, and in wall and in ceiling speakers for the additional listening areas.

We also added Television service to an exercise area

TV Room 2
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Here is another TV room where we supplied a Samsung HDTV, Denon Receiver, 5.1 Surround Sound and additional music to the Living Room, Outside Patio, and Main Bathroom. The equipment is housed in a beautiful Sanus television stand that we also supplied.

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Kitchen Addition
8 Images

This is a beautiful addition that was a kitchen looking into an elegant TV area. The room also looks out to a lake. It's a beautiful room, for a great customer. Because the home onwer took the time to plan with us we were able to create a very elegant set up where all of the components were actually hidden in a cabinet by the kitchen area. This is proof that it makes sense to bring us in early, it will help us coordinate with the contractor, electrician, and cabinet builder. These cabinets were all done by Danner

Basement Remodel
17 Images

This is a basement remodel we did from start to finish. The rooms were designed by the homeowner.

We prewired the basement for future HDTV distribution to 2 other locations, plus integrated a music distribution system throughout the entire house. 8 rooms total.

The Main room has a 7.1 Sound System feature Infinity speakers, and a Denon Receiver, with a Harmony touch screen remote control.

65 Inch Plasma
7 Images

This Basment remodel was for a 65" Panasonic Plasma, with 7.1 surround sound, Dish Network HDTV, a Blu-ray player that streams Netflix, and a Control4 Home Automation system that dims the lights when the customer watches a movie, and streams music to their whirl pool outside.

TV and Speaker Installs
10 Images

This is the after and then before pictures of a TV with Surround Sound Speakers. Our customer purchased the TV from us and then had us clean up a previous contractors mess. This is why you don't trust a contract to wire your room for you. They may say they know what they are doing, but as the pictures show their wiring job was much uglier than it had to be.

Wiring Enclosure
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Here is an example of what your head end will look like. This is where all of your wires for cable, phone, internet etc come together. In this example our customer called us in because the previous contractor was not reliable.

Retrofit Condo
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In this project our customer had a TV and speaker system and equipment. We were able to mount The TV and install the speakers even though the entire area was finished.

70's Brick Fireplace Mount
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A 60" Pioneer Plasma mounted on a 20 ft high stone fireplace.

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