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Subwoofer Placement for Home Theater Installation

Subwoofer Placement for Home Theater Installation
Doug Kasper - Mon Apr 19, 2010 @ 05:54PM
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Home Theater Subwoofer

How do you find the best speaker placement for a subwoofer in a Home Theater installation?   We'll outline a very simple method that anyone can do.  

Remember that there are many things to consider when placing speakers.   Obliviously sound is one of them but also we have to think of how it looks in a room.   Many times the best place to put a speaker is determined to also be the ugliest by our spouses.  :-)   This leads us to compromise.   That being said lets talk about Sub woofer placement.

Make sure you have a CD in hand a receiver and a subwoofer with a long cable connecting your sub and receiver.   Do you know where you are going to sit?   I hope so.  If so take your sub and place it right by your prime seating location.  Then crank up your CD with the sub booming away walk around the room and listen to where the bass sounds the best.    Mark a couple of your favorite locations with painters tape on the floor.  

Then move the sub to another main listening location and do the same thing again.  

After you have done this 3-5 locations you should have a good idea of the best place to get the bass to sound the best in the room.   If you are more concerned about your prime listening locations in your Home Theater then you can take that into consideration when placing your sub.      

This is a quick and easy method that anyone can do.  The thing to remember is that everyone has their own listening preferences so where you would place your sub is not the same that your neighbor wood.   

I'd recommend going for a placement that allows the bass to blend in smoothly with your other speakers too.   

I hope that gives you a great starting point for your Home Theater.  

Comments: 807


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