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Why Boxee may Devour Google TV and Apple TV as Internet TV streaming devices

Why Boxee may Devour Google TV and Apple TV as Internet TV streaming devices
Doug Kasper - Tue Nov 23, 2010 @ 05:22PM
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Why Boxee may Devour Google TV and Apple TV?

Internet TV Streaming device wars!

What is Boxee you say? OH you are going to be happy after reading this. That is if you want to stream internt TV to your gigantic 110" projection screen or say your LED 40" too.

Boxee is a brand new streaming device that could take over the world. Can you tell I am really excited about this one? Why is it better than Apple TV or Google TV?

Well it's not limited like apple TV is to itunes and little else you don't have to focus on renting shows. And it is not blocked by all of the broadcasting stations like Google TV is.

An Awesome Remote. Seriously have you seen the google TV remotes they are rediculous. The Boxee Bxo remote is double sided and has very simple buttons and a track pad on one side while on the other it has a qwerty keyboard just like a cell phone would. easy to use for searching, etc.

It looks cool

Let's face it the goolge tv thing a ma jig by Logitech look like a plastic peace of junk. this thing is intriquing. It sits sort of tilted back as if to say yep I rock.

A lot of Content

Yes you can stream thousands of TV episodes from the internet such as Hulu.

Plus great movie selections like Netflix (who doesn't get netflix nowadays) but you can get VUDU (brand new release HD movies with surround soundand) and MUBI (Foreign film website) Plus you can add apps that give you even more like NHL, Pandora, MLB, plus flicker, facebook, twitter, the list goes on and on.

Watch Later

I'm a busy websurfer I don't have time to watch every video right now when I find it or if a friend suggests it to me. Well Boxee is your best friend with their wonderful Watch Later button, you can surf the web and automatically mark things to "watch later" that will allow you to pull it up next time you sit down infront of your TV with your new firend boxee connected to it. How sweet is that?

It's Social

This is one feature I think many will really enjoy more than they realize it now. Of course web 2.0 is all the craze, and boxee capitalizes on this. So with Boxee you can watch things that friends on facebook are watching or have watched and with the touch of a button you can broadcast what you are watching to social sites too.

This may sound funny but if you've never sat and streamed Hulu on a TV before you may not realize how lazy we TV viewers really are. This is why Leanback via Youtube was invented. Once your show is done that you sit down to watch you may find yourself saying ok what should I watch now. This is usually when your cable provider would through another tv show at you. But with Hulu it stops, sure you could get up and get some sleep or clean or something but come on. Why not just look at what a friend you are following just finished watching. You may want to block your mom from following you though.

Great Price and Easy to Find

Yes $199 is a price I'd be willing to pay for all this. Plus Boxee has partnered up with DLink so they will be carried all over, best buy, computer stores, target etc.

The bottom line is if you are in the market for an internet streaming device it's worth taking a look at boxee. www.boxee.tv

As always we'd love to hear your feedback and comments.

Comments: 466


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